The College Struggle

Asher Roth’s song “I love college” was far from how I felt during my undergrad years. I would have considered myself a very untraditional college student and extremely envious of many of my peers. While many of my friends could put off studying for another night to relax, have a personal day, or go out and party; I was working nights and studying until the wee hours of the night. 

Why do you work so much? Idk how you do it?

Those were the questions I heard so frequently from peers and coworkers. During my undergrad there were plenty of weeks where I put in over 40 hours, while being a full-time student, and computing almost an hour to school, one-way. I did it because there was no other options. Living off students loans wasn’t an option. I had zero financial support from my parents. And I am too humble and independent to ask for a dime. 

We all have to play the hand we’re dealt. 

I took control of my life and the hand I was dealt when I left my crummy childhood home, half-way through my senior year of high school, on my 18th birthday. I proved all my “haters” wrong by living on my own for this long and never borrowing a cent from a soul. There were so many times I wished during my undergrad that I didn’t have to work so much and wished I could focus on my grades more, but now that I look back I wouldn’t change my struggles for anything. I am proud of every mountain I’ve had to climb in life. Every obstacle has taught me something valuble and for that I am forever grateful. 

You are not alone.

We all have our own struggles throughout college. Whether it be money, family, or mental struggles. 

Here’s a shoutout to those struggling

Everything happens for a reason. There’s a lesson to be learned from every hiccup in life. Stop saying “I wish this was different”, “I wish I wouldn’t have done that”, or “I wish my life was more like his/hers”. Learn from your mishaps, and own that hand you were dealt. You are in control of your life, make it flourish.


Here I am.

My motive for starting up this blog is to connect with current and prospective dietetic students, dietetic interns, RDNs, and the public. I’ll share my journey through college, my dietetic internship (which begins in 3 VERY short weeks, eek!), and some popular nutrition topics. I will welcome and answer all question, concerns, or comments to my blog! You can do so by visiting the “About” tab. 🙂
Let’s have some fun!