Valuing hard work

Just got back from the Windy City for my internship vacation. I use to be so strict on myself with money. Now, I take advantage of every trip I can get and treat myself for all my hard work. ❤
Life is too short to be unhappy.

I missed a lot of weekend getaways and vacations because of school & working. 
Grateful I have learned to establish a work life balance.

I’ve been gone awhile

I went MIA for awhile there. I just finished up my food service rotation and finished my clinical rotation in the beginning of December.

My clinical and food service rotation had quite a few projects and with working 4-5 days on top of my internship it’s been a little hectic.                                                       ________________________

My biggest piece of advise – keep an open mind. I hear so many interns and upgrads say they hated food service or don’t imagine working in that area. Well, sometimes the opportunities you’re offered might come at you by surprise & it’s better to be prepared and willing, rather than narrow minded, and lose a chance at a position that could lead you to your dream job. You never know what could happen!

Bariatric sleeve surgery


Beyond amazed to see part of a stomach outside of a body that didn’t belong to a cadaver!


Dietetic internships are what you make it. Not only did I get to witness a bariatric surgery,but I had the opportunity to see a barium swallow study, and a blood vial with triglycerides >4000; basically half blood half fat!

I’m 3 weeks into my clinical rotation and I’ve learned so much already. I still get to look forward to watching a PEG tube placement, and following the CDE to have a better understanding of how to help patients cope with diabetes and their medications!

27.5 weeks until I graduate!